Desserts I Have Yet to Master

I came across this article on Huffington Post by Food52 that inspired me to do one of my favourite things--make a list! Click here to read the "14 Essential Baked Goods Every Baker Should Master." It made me think about all the struggles that I've had in the kitchen since starting my own business. I have decided to write this blog post. I came up with a list that includes all of the baked goods and desserts that I have yet to master myself, some of which are found in the article and others that just drive me nuts!

1. Angel Food Cake
I haven't actually attempted to make angel food cake yet, but I am a little intimidated considering it's one of my Nonna's classics. I don't think it's going to be too difficult, but it's all about getting that fluffy airy texture.

2. Custard Pie
I think this one is on the list because it's such a classic. This is my dad's favourite and it's a coincidence that it's on the list because I was going to make it for him this weekend for Father's Day. I better get mastering this one or else Angelo won't be too pleased.

3. Banana Bread
I don't think banana bread is difficult to make. In my opinions, it's all about preference. Some people like basic banana bread while others like loaded banana bread--nuts, chocolate chips, streusel topping. The works. I suppose if you master the basic recipe, you can go anywhere from there!

4. Brownies
Ok, brownies are a must-master, but they're also hard to get right. Everyone hopes for a chewy, fudgey brownie that's gooey on the inside and a little crispy on the top. It's actually pretty difficult to achieve that result! I still need some practice, but I am determined. There's nothing better than a warm brownie with ice cream.

5. Donuts
Donuts are a classic and everyone loves them (I would hope!). Plus, they're so versatile, you can top them with cinnamon and sugar, fondant, chocolate sauce, or fill them with custard or jam. I tried making these at home once and I found out that my stove heats things up way too quickly! My oil was too hot, so the donuts were burnt on the outside and undercooked on the inside. I'll keep working at this one, but until I get it right I'll cheat and use my mini donut maker! ^_^

6. Macarons
This one isn't on the Food52 list, but it definitely should be. French macaroons are tricky little buggers. Every step can really mess up your recipe if it's not done correctly. Trust me, I found out the hard way. I honestly tried 8 times before I got a result that I was happy with. And then I ate the entire batch to celebrate. Yay!

What desserts have you yet to master, want to try and master, or feel like you just can't master?!