5 Reasons to Order Your Next Celebration Cake

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. We planned an extravagant meal for her, so time was pretty tight. Against my better judgement, and because I know she doesn't really like sweets, I picked her up a cupcake from the local grocery store so she'd have a candle to blow out. It was a good idea right up until the time that we started eating it. Oh my god, it was so awful! It may have sounded good and looked decent, but the taste was just gross! This disappointing experience inspired me to write this post. Why should you ask a baker to make a cake for your next special occasion when you could just buy one off the shelf? Well, here are my 5 reasons to make you think twice…

1. It tastes better!
A cake made fresh always beats a manufactured cake hands down. Who knows what they put in those cupcakes at the grocery store anyway! If it's mass produced, you have to be a little bit weary. When you order from a local baker (like me! ^_^) you are always getting better ingredients, a fresher cake with a longer shelf life, and the option to choose from a variety of flavours. 

2. It's personal and means more
Custom-made cakes are so much more than just writing the name of someone on top of a cake. Custom-made cakes are just that--they are custom. They're not made for just anyone and usually no two are exactly the same. Cakes can be themed according to hobbies and interests, different colours and accents, and can include florals and other special decorations. The sky is the limit!

3. Everyone will talk about it
Cakes create memories and are part of important events and occasions. The custom-made cake that you order for your next party will be the center of attention and your guests will be impressed. You want people to be talking about how amazing the cake was, not leaving the party trying to forget it.

4. Value
Yes, custom-made cakes are more expensive, but they are worth it. Grocery store cakes are cheaper, this is true, but they don't represent value since they are mass-produced with artificial ingredients. Custom-made cakes take a lot of time and attention to detail, but they are worth it because the outcome is something delicious, special, and one of a kind!

5. It will be made with love
When you order a custom-made cake, you know that someone has spent a considerable amount of time planning and working hard on it. A personalized handcrafted cake, for a few hours before it’s eaten, is a work of art!

So next time you’re tempted to stop at the grocery store, think about the person you are buying for, or the party you are organizing and remember these tips! A little time and effort and your guests will enjoy a cake that tastes really good, is personalized, grabs everyone's attention and is made with love!