Downtown Windsor Farmer's Market

Attention! I have some very exciting news. Sweetbay will be taking part in this summer's Downtown Windsor Farmer's Market! Be sure to come visit me, get your hands on some yummy treats, and check out the other amazing vendors taking part this year! ^_^
We will be there every other Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. starting on May 27th.

I'm still putting together a list of potential market items. Sneak peaks include: cinnamon buns, morning glory muffins, and a variety of bagels. All of which are perfect for any Saturday morning. Sadly, I have never been to the DWFM. Although this is super disappointing, especially as a Windsorite, it makes me even more excited to be involved. Not only will I be a vendor, but I will also be a customer! Stay tuned for the full Farmer's Market menu. Coming soon!

Visit the DWFM Facebook here.
Check out a list of vendors here.